Climbing the Walls


Greetings! My name is Hegdish, or Heg for short. I've always had a soulful connection with the coyote, so in the furry world, a toonified version of myself as a coyote is who I am. However, I also have great affinities for many other animals, especially avians.

This coyote's furry interests revolve around fursuiting and transformation. I love the idea of "becoming" different creatures, so, for me at least, when I’m suiting as a critter, that critter is real. Having been inspired by such things as theme park characters and The Banana Splits as a youngster, I always dreamed to be a costumed character someday, and by the early '90s, I'd found my dream. I no longer mascot these days, but I do fursuit occasionally as Satellite Rat.

Besides furry, I do fit lots of other nerdy archetypes, including the tragically beige interests of commercial airliners and airports, public transit, and road maps and highway systems. These interests are related to my love of travel and experiencing new places.